My article on Adobe DevNet: Designing for mobile devices using Fireworks CS4 beta

Designing for mobile devices using Fireworks CS4 beta

My another article published on Adobe Devnet “Designing for mobile devices using Fireworks CS4 beta”. This Article is on importance of designing for mobile devices and why its so much important to think on that ๐Ÿ™‚

“The visual elements that comprise the user experience on mobile devices are themselves becoming more important as devices become more complex and users become more adept. I believe there is a great opportunity at this time to help shape the future of user interfaces on handheld devices and promote intuitive interaction as a standard. Making something beautiful, as well as functional, will result in an application that is useful and offers a more interesting and compelling experience for consumers.”

“Put simply: small is beautiful. When interface design effortlessly fulfils the purpose of an application while also enhancing its aesthetic, there is a greater chance that the end product will be successful. Users are naturally more drawn towards an application that they view as enjoyable and engaging.”

i2fly-designing for mobile devices

From Pre planning to final application even the smallest design elements is very important to place.

I use Fireworks CS4 beta almost exclusively on every project I create for mobile devices. It is my first choice because I find it to be much more user friendly in terms of creating graphics and exporting files to a wide variety of formats. Additionally, the integration between Fireworks CS4 beta and Adobe Flash is just fantastic. This article provides real-world considerations and tips for creating assets for your mobile development projects using Fireworks CS4 beta.

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Designing for mobile devices using Fireworks CS4


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  1. Nice job Vivek and a really useful article for anyone working in mobile!

    Fireworks is a much stronger tool for mobile development than PhotoShop as it allows designers to focus on design and know that they can easily generate useable assets and makes file management and manage different versions of the design.

    Being able to create frames and pages then export and preview in Device Central is so handy! I have several clients who insist on it!

  2. Great tutorial viveck. Looking forward to using some of your design concept in my flashlite applications.

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